Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday

Today over on Momfessionals Andrea is doing Show and Tell Tuesday and its all about names.

Ansleigh Elizabeth Hahn

I picked Ansleigh's name because a little girl who went to school with my brother was named Ansleigh and I loved it and at the time it was still unique. Her middle name is Elizabeth after my mom. So yea I am the crazy lady who just liked a name and went with nothing special behind her first name!  Everybody always asks for the special story lol. She is a super special little girl though! 

Stephanie Michelle Hahn

For my name I was supposed to be a boy up until I popped out and was going to be Christopher Paul Hahn. Paul after my dad's middle name but as u can tell I was a girl. They were going to name me Jessica but that was at the time of a controversy with  Jessica Hahn lol. So a few months later my cousin was named Jessica lol. Stephanie and Michelle are just names they liked their is no special meaning behind it. Funny fact I graduated high school with 5 Stephanie's and 3 of us were Stephanie Michelles so u can def tell it was a popular 80s name. I went through the rest of high school using my last name it was easier. I am still best friends with one of the other Stephanie Michelles'.
The Stephanie Michelles 

Stephen Andrew Snyder Jr 

My brother is named Stephen Andrew Snyder Jr. after his dad. He goes by Andrew or to Ansleigh RewRew. She couldn't say Andrew when she was little so Rew Rew it was and it kind of stuck. When he was little he thought his name was Stephen Andrew Snyder Jr Sr. he would argue with you forever over it to lol. Silly boy! 
Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you are having a wonderful week! 

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