Monday, January 12, 2015

What a big busy Saturday we had...

Saturday morning we headed to the skate center to meet some friends and had so much fun! Ansleigh got the roller blades for Christmas and she has gone skating 3 times now and is doing so well!

such sweet friends! 

Then we headed to Glow Galaxy for Hannah Kates birthday! 
Ansleigh won these glasses skating and seriously hasn't taken them off since lol 

Then we headed to the hospital to meet my newest cousin! Oh we just love sweet baby Dallas Hadlee. 

my mom loves her great niece

my grandma just love her newest great grandchild

Ansleigh adores her 

we just love this sweet girl! We went back yesterday to spend more time with her! They go home today we pray for them to get some rest and have a great first night home! 

Then I headed to the Eric Church concert and had so much fun I will do another post on that! 

Friday night Ansleigh and I crafted and sewed a little owl pillow she got for christmas! She had so much fun! 

Last night when we got home from the hospital I made Ansleigh a camp and she just loved it. We set up her tent and her new sleeping bag and then put her dream light in there and turned the lights off and she snuggled up and watched her ipad she loved it so much! Then I even let her have hot chocolate in their and her dinner and she was in heaven! Mommy got to catch up on house stuff and rest so it was a win win! 

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