Monday, January 12, 2015

Special Person of the Week

Last week Ansleigh was special person of her kindergarten class. Every student gets a week and she was so excited her time was finally here. On Monday you bring in 10 pics from her life and then she filled out a survey all about herself. Then all her classmates drew self portraits of her and they hang up all week on her special bulletin board and then she got to take them home Friday. Also they encourage u to come eat lunch with her. So Tuesday my grandma and I went and then Thursday my dad went to eat with her. She loved this so much! Then Friday my mom and me went to read a story to her class and tell funny stories about her. Then she did a cheer for us where she spells out her name and then the kids help her so cute. Then the whole class sang one of my fav songs. It was such a special morning and ansleigh was so excited we were there! I loved getting to see her in her element!
her snowman she made from things we had around the house complete with a bed lol

Her sweet friend Lydia

Family pic from friday am! 

singing Lord lift your name on high

Grandma came to lunch! 

Mommy came to lunch

This is her special bullentin board with all the self potraits and then her special pics 

Love this girl and she is always special to me but it was fun seeing her so happy all week! 

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