Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had a wonderful thanksgiving this year. Normally we have to be on ther road all day going from place to place but this year we got to just stay at my dads and it was so nice. I missed seeing my other family but it was so nice to be able to visit and stay in one place and actually enjoy the holiday! I made pecan pie bars and fudge pie and they turned out great! We have some great cooks and boy was the food amazing!
Dad and Becky

Bebe and PopPop and all their grandkids

Me and Bebe

me and Dad

my girl and I

Ansleigh and her Bebe and PopPop
Hope that you had a wonderful day as well!


Pecan Pie Bars

PopPop and Ansleigh

most the crew from Thanskgiving

Fudge Pie

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