Monday, December 2, 2013

Brunch with Santa

Yesterday we had brunch with Santa at the club in Westhaven where my parents live! It was so nice I was very worried Ansleigh wasnt going to do well with Santa because all the sudden she doesnt like anyone who is dressed up but she did great she smiled great for her puictures and then told him she wasnt sure yet about what she wanted but she would mail a list to him lol. So when we got home she wrote her list I was so proud of her because she did a great job with writing it out she just asked me how to spell the things! Then we ran errands with my dad and becky for the day and then came home and decorated our last tree in the kitchen! I love this time of year and it just mkaes me happy to come home and turn all the lights on! Our elf came back from the north pole this weekend his name is Candy Cane he is a silly little guy! the first day he brought her Olaf the snowman from frozen which was a great movie and then Home Alone one of my favorites she watched it last night and loved it too!

sassy girl with her hot chocolate

sweet girl and santa

Bebe and Ansleigh before brunch isnt there tree so pretty

putting the star on the kitchen tree she was so proud!

love this about the real meaning of christmas

dinner on saturday night

silly candy cane had a joy ride with barbie last night

Welcome Candy Cane

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