Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesdays- Back to School

Wow where did the summer go? Ansleigh starts back to school next Wednesday for a half day and then another half day Thursday and full time starts Friday! This year she will be in first grade but we plan to carry on some of the same traditions!

This year we got this book but we had the kindergarten one and we read it the night before school starts!
We always get a new backpack too this year this is what she chose! Pottery Barn kids for the win! Our school gets the school supplies for us with an added fee to tuition so we only have to shop for a backpack and a lunch box! 
First day picture!! 

Bring our teacher flowers this was Ansleigh's idea! 

And a picture with the Lion! 

Take a picture with our teacher! We just love Mrs Wilson! 

I also make Ansleigh's favorite breakfast which is pancakes nothing exciting! Then since its a half day we go to Mexican right by school with friends! This is where we met one of our favorite families last year! 

Cant wait to hear what your traditions are we are always looking for new ones! 

Happy Back to school! 


  1. I am jealous that you only had to buy a lunch box and backpack! Hope your little one has a great year! 1st grade rocks!

  2. I do miss school supply shopping however I dont miss having to pay for it! But I guess I do pay for it in tuition! Thank u and I hope your kids have a great year as well!

  3. How cool that your school does the supplies, I would LOVE that, haha!

  4. Oh my gosh how sweet is she to think of the flowers? What an awesome kid. Looks like you guys have some fun traditions!
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

  5. yes its pretty great and thank u! This year I think we are going to do the free printable that says I am tickled pink u are my teacher with a few pink themed items! well see how it turns out!

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