Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My baby is in the first grade...say what?!

Today Ansleigh started first grade I mean didn't she just get out of diapers yesterday? goodness time needs to slow down! She was so excited and we felt like pros walking in today both of us I mean we aren't kindergartners anymore people?! jk but really They have a half day today and tomorrow! We loved our new teacher and new principal! Cant wait to hear about her day!
On the left is last year the night before kindergarten and then the one of the right is last night! 

We love Mrs Tons! 

Locker she is a big girl now 

sweet friends in class together this year! 

and just for fun her and Mrs Wilson on the first day last year! aww she was so nervous then today she was so confident and excited! 

Were super excited for a great year this year! GO SMS Lions!! 


  1. We still have another week. Such a big girl.

  2. Aww I am still in denial that school is back! enjoy your week! today is her first full day!