Thursday, August 20, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday- Who you were in High School

Sorry I am a little late to the game, but I went through my senior scrapbook last night and had to share some of my high school pictures! I went to Father Ryan high school and graduated in 2002! This is a private catholic school here in Nashville,TN. Our school had 1000 kids and my graduating class was about 250 give or take. I liked high school but junior and senior year dated a boy from another school so I did a lot with him. I loved college the most! I played softball my freshman and sophomore year.

Freshman year the page from my scrapbook
Freshman year these girls were my besties this was from spring break in Destin together! We went to someones house every weekend and would eat and stay up late laughing and doing lord knows what! 
Emily joined me again and I was so happy! 

Sophomore year
This was backwards dance sophomore we had a luau theme can u tell? 

This was freshman year homecoming

This was sophomore year homecoming

more backwards from sophomore year

The summer before Junior year I met Chris and we dated until I started college. We even worked together at Old Navy lol! He was seriously the best boyfriend because we were the best of friends! My first love and i followed him to Tennessee Tech only to break up with him because I wanted to "have fun" in college and really we were just so young! I am still friends with him today and he is now married with two kids! 

Prom Junior year I went to his and he went to mine. Here is me and my step dad homecoming from junior year! 

Senior Year Chris went off to college and so I hung out more with my friends again and would see him some weekends. 
My besties senior year! Jenn who is in the middle is still one of my besties and we went to tech together and were roomates our freshman year! 

Senior Prom

We went to PCB our senior year and had a blast! Anna's dad and aunt were our chaperons and they were more wild then we were ha! 

Still besties with Steph as well! 

Senior Walk 

Senior year we had to take senior service which was two periods a day where u left school and were assigned a place for service. I was at an elementary school and a kindergarten class for special needs kids I cant tell u how much I loved this! My kids were amazing and I loved my time with them! 

Graduation class of 2002! Tennessee Tech Bound...

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