Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another fun weekend...

Our weekend started off with my brothers first football game of the season! Beautiful night for football and my brother caught his first touchdown pass of the season! Go Rew Rew! Ansleigh played with friends and it had rained and she was dirtier then I have ever seen her when we got done! Everything she had on went straight into wash when we got home I made her strip before getting in the car that kind of dirty! That girl I swear! Then we woke up and went to Brett's birthday at Let it shine and they had a blast! Then she was going home with her dad and the girls convinced him to let her and Claire have a sleepover and they had a blast! Saturday night I went out with Andrea and then went to hang out with Trey. We had a great time! Tonight Ansleigh starts cheer and tumble she is so excited!

Have a great week friends its our first full week of school so its going to be long and tough but we will make it through! 

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