Monday, April 14, 2014

Recap of an awesome weekend!

PJ DAY was on Monday and bring your fav book!

My sister Candace came in from Dallas last week and so Tuesday night we went to my sister Stacys house for dinner! It was so much fun and Ansleigh and Sam (my nephew) had a blast together! He is such a sweet child!
Friday night was date night and Drew got to meet my best friend Kelly we went to the Pharmacy for hamburgers and some drinks! So much fun and Drew and I found a new bar by my house we loved with karoke!
Saturday was a super busy but great day! The weather was great all weekend and it was a nice change! We went to my brothers soccer game and then Ansleigh and I went to firehouse again and out outside because it was so nice! Then we came home and played chalk outside and it was awesome we dont have much time at home and it was perfect! Then we went to the vandy game and they won! Then we headed to Williams bday and she had a great time bouncing away! Then we went to my dad and beckys for a cookout for Candace going back to Texas and it was awesome! Food was amazing because my step mom is the best cook ever and the weather was great to sit out on the porch and let the kids play!

Us with Grandma at the game!

Uncle Melvin

Me and CB at the cookout

Firehouse Lunch

Chalk Time

Ansleigh and some friends after Rew Rews game


Ansleigh and William the birthday boy

Another game selfie
staring contest

I traced her and she traced me silly girl!
Sunday we went to the egg hunt at church, then palm sunday mass and then Mexican with mom and my brother. Then we headed to the vandy game again which we lost so sad! Weather was awesome again ansleigh got tons of eggs and saw the easter bunny too! She was supposed to run the bases after the game she has looked forward to it all year but the commodore was there and she ran back screaming silly girl!

Aunt Shelly and Ansleigh dancing

Me and A at the egg hunt

selfie sunday

they had a great time!

right before she ran back sceaming

cutest fan around

Mom and Ansleigh

we love our vandy baseball

Waiting to run
X for Xavier she is his good luck charm

Have a great week my friends we have another super busy week of course! Tommorow is another vandy game and then wed night we are having dinner to celebrate my grandmas bday and then thursday is gymnastics and her egg hunt at school! Come on weekend and Drew comes home and we have date night with Ansleigh we cant wait!
Have a great Holy week everyone!

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