Thursday, April 3, 2014

Catch up

Last week was busy as always it seems lately that is the new norm. it was our first week back from the beach and I was starting a new system at work so it was madness and exhausting. We went to the Vandy game friday night and ansleigh looked like an adorable fan! we have loved our season tickets!

I met a super nice guy through work and we spent the weekend together so much fun! Went to slider house and my cousins engagement party saturday and then breakfast the vandy game and to watch the kentucky basketball game sunday!

Ansleigh came back from her dads sunday night and we went to my aunts new house for a cookout and then I had to stop at the store on the way home and this is how tired she was poor thing!

It was wacky tacky day on tuesday and Ansleigh looked so cute!

Tuesday night we went to the vandy game and they won I had this little diva with me!
Hope u are having a great week we are finally having beautiful warm weather and have been taking advantage of this and getting back to my running hard this week! Ansleigh has gymnastics tonight and we are very ready for the weekend!

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