Monday, March 14, 2011

Last day in vegas...

Friday was our last day in vegas Brandi and Suzanne left bright and early that morning but Jennifer and I had all day to waste as our plane didnt leave till 645 vegas time! We slept in and then took our time getting ready as we didnt have to be out of the room till 11 and then the hotel held on to our bags until we headed to the airport! We decided to go to serendipity for lunch and it was adorable and so good! we split potato skins and then ordered our own sundaes and they were amazing! then we did some shopping and it was getting pretty busy and we were hot and our feet hurt from walking so much all week so we headed back to hotel to people watch and then to airport for some chilis and more waiting! Our plane was delayed and so we didnt get home till like 1am so I slept pretty much the rest of the weekend! It was an amazing trip and vegas was so much fun it was a great girls trip and also nice to just get away and clear my head! I hope you enjoyed the pictures and have a great week! I am so glad to be back with my baby girl I missed her and I think she missed me and was very excited for her prizes when I got home lol!
we were sad to be leaving vegas :(
wind blown look lol
cheese for a great trip!
she had to be the coolest aunt!
had to take a picture of a show girl we actually didnt see many while we were there
amazing sundae!
loved mine!
adorable serendipity
loved these lamps
love this clock too!

Hope you liked my vegas tour! Have a great week!

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