Monday, March 7, 2011


So verizon finally got the iphone and I just had to have it! well my contract wasnt up till october and they wanted to charge me 700 bucks to get one now umm no way. Well a friend at work told me to order it through apple and it would be the 199 price well I called them expecting it to not work and boy was I was wrong! I got my iphone last week and I am loving every minute of it! It has a great camera and so many amazing apps! Tell me what your favorite ones are since I am still a newbie?? I like Angry birds, four square, facebook, blogger, southwest, dish network, suntrust, words with friends even though i dont get it yet? pandora and ipod and thats all I have right now! Please I would love advice! I want a ipad now lol apple products are so addicting! Hope that you are having a great monday I leave for vegas tommorow night umm to say I am excited would be an understatement! I will update while we are there!

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