Monday, January 10, 2011

Ansey got her nails did...

I talked about the fact that I painted Ansleigh's nails and toes for the first time the other night and that I had forgotten to take pictures well the polish came off her nails so we redid them last night! Check out the pictures she is so proud of them! Also we played with Play Dough last night she loves it and my mom gave us some cookie cutters to make cool shapes she likes to say she is making whatever I say I am making so cute! Also this morning since I didnt go into work till 11 Ansleigh helped me clean the house this morning with her new cleaning kit and then tried on some of her dress up shoes! Tommorow I hope to have pictures of her sledding she was going with my dad after nap today! We got a new sled for her last night and she was so excited to go sledding in her "boat" as she called it! Happy snow day monday we only have to work from 11-4 easy day yah!

so excited to get her nails done!

check them out momma

letting them dry

had to post this picture too funny!

love her new sassy coat!


swiffer dusting lol

check out my light up minnie shoes

dont you like me heels?

Have a great monday night! Cant wait for sledding with a and the bachelor!

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