Monday, January 24, 2011

Circus Saturday

My mom suprised Ansleigh and I with circus tickets for saturday! Ansleigh had a blast and we went with mom and my brother andrew! It was long and Ansleigh did really well and the end she was pretty ready to go home! She loved the elephants and the people twirling and up high she clapped most the time! check out the pictures!
checking out the preshow!

the elephant had just got done painting a picture pretty cool

the baby elephant it was just born a few weeks ago!

the cirus master!

horrible pic of me but i love it of her!

we both had boots on and i forgot to take a picture at the circus so here is us at home in our pjs

white tiger

the motorcycles were so cool 6 at one time

this dude was so strong!

will update more later but i thought i would leave you with this for now!

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