Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Last wed night I flew to PCB and this sky was just perfect right after this is was storming and a crazy flight but still I was heading to my happy place! 

Thursday I hung out with my sweet work friend on the beach!

and we had my fav meal at Dewey Destin!

Friday night was the red bar with this guy!

Saturday was one of the coolest things ever and we picked up David's new boat and took the inter coastal back to Panama and it was just beautiful!


my crew! 

seriously this picture doesn't even do it justice! God is good! 

Finished my trip off with drinks on the beach! 

My little diva on memorial day! 

Last Ballet class! 

the sweetest friends! 

And I came back to rain, rain and more rain! Make it stop! 

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