Monday, March 2, 2015

Yah a weekend with NO SNOW!!

Finally a weekend with no snow! Yes yesterday we had rain but ill take that over snow! I am done with cold weather and snow! Spring where u at? Friday night we went to Ansleigh's school for a fish fry and had a great time! Then Saturday I went to the vandy baseball game they won woo hoo! And that night went to pinewood social with Andrea it was a cool place with fun fancy drinks! Then Sunday I worked out, cleaned my house, did all my laundry and went to the store! Even made dinner for me and Ansleigh and she actually ate it! We are ready for the week and I am hoping not to venture to the store anymore I am notorious for having to go like every day after forgetting things. Have a great week!!
Ansleigh was ready for the Vandy game no she didn't go went to her dads and she put a coat on right after this our temps are not warm enough but she insisted on wearing this! 

such a cool place

our fancy drinks lol! 

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