Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Break To Do List...

Ansleigh's Spring Break starts at 3 today! She is so excited! Here is a to do list of the fun things we have planned!

-Tonight were going to paint her nails and toes. doesn't sound like much but she goes to catholic school and cant wear nail polish so this is a treat since she is off for a week
-Tomorrow we are going to see the new Cinderella!

-Sunday we head to Gatlinburg to stay at the indoor water park

-Sunday we are also going to the Aquarium to see the new baby penguins!

-Monday we will swim some more and head home stopping in cookeville to see some of my college besties!
-Tuesday we have the Vandy vs Tech game which is my college and she is staying w my grandma
and going to story time at the library while I am at work

-Wed she is staying with Bebe and PopPop and no telling what they will get into
-Thursday is a dentist appt for her and then she heads to her dads and I head to gulf shores for a concert for the weekend!

We aren't going to Florida this year its just to cool on 30A this time of year and so we are going to wait till her fall break! We are super excited about our little adventure just the two of us! I have learned she has way more fun when its just doing the simple things she loves the extra time with just mommy!  Have a great weekend we sure are ready to see this rain go!

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