Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow/ice day

So Sunday we went all over town trying to get all our snow gear in place ready for these 4-6 inches we were predicted to get. we woke up Monday morning already off from work and school for presidents day to lots of ice. but as the day went on we got more and more and ventured out and had the best time ever sledding we flew down the hill on that ice!

Monday afternoon Bebe and PopPop came to get us and we ventured to their house since they are so close to my office and I could make it to work. We went sledding again at their house and it was even more frozen so it wasn't as easy! Still fun ansleigh is out again today for snow and we actually got snow last night so when I get off at 3 were going sledding again! We have had a lot of fun but we are over it! Come on spring time!

happy Wednesday!! 

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