Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Catch up post.. sunday brunch and vday school party

On Sunday we met Andrea for brunch at one of our fav spots! Ansleigh got a pony from her dad for valentines and it has gone every where with us. She has skates and she joined us to brunch the waiter was so funny about it. This is so a "yes mom" moment! Don't you think Andrea?

Thursday I got to go to Ansleigh school valentines party! It was fun and then she came back to work with me and had a blast. She made her own office and even asked my boss when she was getting her computer. She took her work very serious lol. 
A and her prayer buddies

her valentines 

my little office helper! 

have a great week friends! were almost done!! loving these shorter hours for the snow! 

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