Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mid-week Update...

Last week was another busy week. Ansleigh was with my dad and step mom two days and then with Hannah and Olivia 3 days and she loved it! went to the pool every day and just had a blast. Friday when I got home from work she was passed out 5 mins after home girl was worn out. Saturday she went to her dads and I headed to a memorial service and then to lunch with Andrea and headed to Jace's 1st birthday.
BWW patio lunch so nice it started pouring but it felt amazing

The birthday boy he is so stinking cute! 

Me, Holly and Andrea
Then Saturday night we went to dinner for Kelly's bachelorette party. We went to the Pharmacy for an amazing hamburger and then to Jeni's for some homemade ice cream! My how things have changed but we had a great time! Kelly gets married this weekend and I am so happy for her to see your best friend marry the love of her life is a very special thing.
Best friends 

She is going to be a beautiful bride! 

my friends are so pretty!
Then Sunday I headed to cookeville to have lunch with some college friends. I love going back to my college town I have so many great memories there. 
Autumn and myself

Now Becca

Now Erin! and Justy was there too I just don have a picture she left before picture time! 

This week Ansleigh is in Rain forest camp at my moms school and she is having a blast! 
Monday night we all went to moms to cheer on our vandy boys in the college world series

1st day of camp

Tonight is the finally game of the College World series its all or nothing tonight! I am so proud of my vandy boys and how far they have come I just hope we can pull off this win tonight! Virginia is a great team so it will def be a tough game! No matter what I am proud of them and they have had a heck of a season! So cool top watch that there hasn't been just one hero its been a new one every game that has stepped up and made a stand out play and that just goes to show u a team wins games not a person! They are great boys and they def deserve all their success! 


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