Friday, May 23, 2014

Andrew's 8th Grade Graduation

Last night my brother graduated from 8th grade. I know some people think this is silly and don't understand but he goes to private catholic school which is pre k through 8th so they have a graduation when they leave the school and head to high school. He has done such great things while at St Joes and its just insane to me that he will be a freshman next year. My brother is 15 years younger than me. It was a nice night and they had a mass and then after a reception and then we went to Olive Garden! So proud of him and all he has done! Cant wait to continue to be his cheerleader for the next four years of high school!
Andrew and his girlfriend since 1st grade Madison

Andrew and Grandma

Me and my bro

Mom and Andrew 

Ansleigh and her RewRew

Andrew and his dad! 

Happy graduation Andrew we love you! 

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