Friday, May 23, 2014

A Random mix of an update...

Tuesday Morning I went to one of our branches to train some people and since it was close to our house ansleigh came along before school. While I trained she was a teller. She loved it and did a great job! She now wants to not go to K next year and go work at the bank lol!

giving change to a customer

she loves to help the usher at the vandy games 

Ansleigh and her sweet best friend Claire 

my flower child I made her a headband and bracelet 

love these two girls 

she would do a letter for every batter and it was good luck! 

Our sweet Hannah at her graduation party last weekend 

silly girls! 

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Its the start of summer where has the year gone? We plan on being at the pool all weekend! 

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