Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First Day of Pre K 2!!

Monday was really Ansleighs first day of Pre K 2 but she was with her dad so we pretended today was her first day! She was so excited! Love her shirt I ordered from etsy and its supposed to rain here again today so thats why she is wearing rain boots! We wanted to do chalk on the ground for the picture like I have seen on pinterest but the ground was so wet so we made a little sign for her to hold! I cant believe my baby isnt such a baby anymore one more year and she will be in kindergarten! One month from friday she will be 5 thats just insane to me! I love you sweet Ansleigh!

my sassy girl!

Heres to a great school year!!


  1. Too cute! She's getting so big too!

  2. i know sad day I am not ready!! congrats to ben on his promotion my dad is a retired metro policeman he was a detective for the end of it! jack is so cute and how awesome for getting on the charts!