Monday, August 13, 2012

SouthEast Champs!!!

Well friday I got off work early and we headed to Warner Robins Ga to suprise my brother and mom for the championship game of th southeast little league game we played Georgia the home team and we won!!! 1-0 it was awesome! We were on ESPN and it was so cool! My brother and his tennessee team flew out on a delta flight all by themselves to Williamsport PA first thing saturday am and are now there waiting for there first game of the little league world series! We play the Midwest on thursday at 7pm central on ESPN! This is so excting for my brother, his team, goodlettsville, and tennessee! So proud of them all! I am going to share some pictures! They got new uniforms and all new gear yesterday so awesome they are having a great time! My mom and grandma fly out wed am to join  them and I so wish we could as well its going to be so cool! Go Southeast and go rew rew he is now #10 Andrew Snyder so please cheer him and his team on we need all the support we can get!!

Little league pledge

celebrating yah!!

me and my cousin jessica in shuttle on the way!

my sassy girl finally eating her peach ice cream

me and my brother love u!

this was one of the signs we made love it!!

his new southeast uniform!!

sassy girl before we left nashville

my brother and his dad!

my brother and hunter great friend and supporter

me and my momma!

ansleigh holding sign this is from espn

this is her on espn we had taped it we had to watch it over and over lol

signing an autograph already

some of the other teams from our park painted up!!

from espn sign us cheering

we love u rew rew

me and ansleigh when we first got to game

looking good #10

so cute

go tennessee!!

on the way to game!!

it was so exciting and cant wait to continue to journey!! GO SOUTHEAST!! !


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