Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Little League World Series

Yes my brother is in the little league world series they are the unbeaten Southeast team they played on sunday and we went to Buffallo Wild Wings to watch such an awesome win! Check out some pictures! Also tonight they play at 7 on ESPN vs Southwest(Texas) Go Southeast Go Goodlettsville! I am so nervous already and so proud no matter what happens! If they win tonight they go straight to US championship on saturday if they lose they play tommorow to try for saturday we want to say in the winners bracket for sure! This has been such an exciting experience for my brother and his team the media and community support in tennessee has been amazing!!! So many articles and news stories I got interviewed and was on the news on sunday pretty cool! We are so proud of you boys no matter what happens its been a heck of a ride!
Awesome card ansleigh's class made for Rew Rew

screen shot on him on ABC for sundays game

SouthEast Team!!

Me and my sweet Ansleigh ready for the game

last weeks game when we went to watch at the park

Me and Stephanie at BWW!!

Go SouthEast Go!!!

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