Friday, August 12, 2011

Williamson County Fair

Last night we went to the fair in our town! This was my first time and we had a blast! We have def learned the dos and donts for next year but it was fun! A loved the rides and was not scared of anything which was so unlike her I was so proud and cant wait for Disney next year she will have a blast! We ate the corn, chicken on a stick and corndogs no weird fried things like fried oreos or twinkies for us lol! Nicole Kidman was there with Sunday rose which was cool she is so down to earth and even used a porto potty just like everyone else!

Ansleigh wouldnt pose lol

this was so cool they were helping on the farm

getting her corn

feeding the chickens

picking her apple

brushing the sheep

planting her seeds

picking her veggies

selling her veggies at the farmers market

she got paid for her hardwork and chose an ice cream sandwich!

here were some of the options for fair food!

dumbo ride getting ready for disney

They had just gotten off this scary ride

finishing the night with a boat ride

A and PopPop watching the horse show!

Happy weekend everyone!

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