Monday, August 22, 2011

Girls night out...

This Saturday I had friends in town there were 5 of us and we spent the night in downtown nashville and had a blast! We started off the night with dinner at PF CHANGS then we went to midtown area for some drinks then ended it on broadway I normally dont hang out there so it was a fun different type night! We were celebrating mine and my friend Jessicas birthdays and then just getting together because now that some are married some have kids and we live apart its hard to get together! Check out our pictures sorry some are from my phone because I didint want to lug my big camera everywhere!
Becca and Kelly with our new zealand friend

Erin and Jessica

all us girls at Big Bang

Me and Kelly

Me and Kelly again love this picture

Me and Jessica at Losers her eyes look scary

Me and Becca at Losers

and me and Erin

Pf changs

me and Erin at changs

Me and Jessica

All of us girls at the start of the fun night!

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