Monday, September 27, 2010

This is my 100th post how awesome!!!!

So this weekend I didnt have Ansleigh except friday night and saturday morning and then last night but here are some cute pictures of her bath saturday morning and her adorable out saturday and then last night another cute new outfit and eating ice cream! I love all Ansleighs new fall clothes and so glad the weather has worked out this weekend and this week that she can wear some of them now! Hope you guys had a great weekend!
Mom its way to early for pics I just got up!

Washing Doras hair

Hey mommy look its my friend dora!

How is my baby almost two??

Love this new outfit I got her at Target and of course we have minnie and blanket in tow

She looks so grown up here tear :(

Ansleigh is obsessed with ice cream these days!

Check out my new minnie mouse bow!

Love her red squeaks as she calls them!

Mom really can you please stop taking pictures?!

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