Monday, September 27, 2010

Brushing my teeth Mommy!

So Ansleigh loves to brush her teeth or really just suck off the toothpaste and play with her toothbrush but one night last week she was cracking me up with it and I got a few pictures also she has on a new pair of pjs hope you enjoy! Sorry for blogging overload today but I was having troublr uploading pics this weekend and so I finally figured it out and wanted to post while I had the chance!

Look how long her hair is getting so exciting!

Dancing to Dora and brushing teeth learning multitasking at an early age

Super cute new jays!

Of course complete with her dora slippers that she wears every night! best 5 dollars I ever spent

Showing me what an elephant does she is so funny!

Hi Mommy check out my pearly whites!

Close up lol!

I love my baby girl excuse how awful I look!

Have a great Monday and I am so excited I got all Ansleighs bday stuff bought this weekend and looking forward to her 2yr pics this weekend and the pumpkin patch on sunday! October is fun filled packed with stuff going on! The next weekend is Ansleighs 2nd bday party how is she already two??

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