Friday, August 15, 2014

Looks like Ansleigh is going to be asking Santa for her two front teeth...

Wednesday night Ansleigh had brushed her teeth and we got in bed and were reading her story and i saw how loose her front tooth had gotten. she likes to hide this from me because even though she has already lost two teeth she hates it and is terrified. she literally shakes and almost has a panic attack no clue why because all 3 times now i have literally touched the tooth and it falls out. Maybe next time she will believe me that it wont hurt. well after having to call my mom to calm her down she finally let me touch it and out it came. The tooth fairy came and she got 10 dollars only because I had no change lol. She was excited and got juggle bubbles with her money she has been wanting those forever. I hate those as seen on tv things because she thinks they look so cool and they never work like she hopes they will. So its been a big week at our house one week of kindergarten in the books and another lost tooth!

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