Monday, February 10, 2014

Our crazy busy weekend

We had a fun but super packed weekend. Friday i went and got the Toms booties I have been eyeing for months and then we went to my brothers basketball game they won yah! Then saturday we slept in and then went and got our nails and toes done. Ansleigh slept in her bed all week and was on blue at school so i promised her. She got valentines colors and the girl put little hearts on her pinkies and big toes so cute. Then we went to meet my mom at Sams before we went to see the new lego movie with Jenn,Clay, Cole and Barrett. We did some more shopping and came back to make sugar cookies and then her valentines for school. Then yesterday we made our heart sugar cookies and thanks to pinterest finally they actually looked like the correct shape and tasted great! Then we went to Opry Mills with kelly and then headed to my brothers game they lost total bummer and we came home exhausted and got ready for the week. I needed an extra day to recover but no time for that at least one week from today we have a holiday no work yah! We have sunshine today which is awesome still cold but it makes u feel better at least!
we wrote love notes for our kiddos for them to hang up at school

thought there door art was cute this month

she was so proud

our valentine mantle and I added a new H because u just cant have enough monograms

caraousel fun at opry mills best dollar u will spend

We ran into Elsa and Ana before the lego movie

End of our busy sat

we brought the doll and stroller and let me say never again

Mimi and Ansleigh at lunch

thanks Crazy 8 for keeping my girl occupied while I got her some new clothes

decorating her cookies

yah we have real hearts

sample of our valentines Ansleigh was excited these were way harder than they look
Happy Valentines Week!

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