Monday, February 24, 2014

God is good!

Two weeks ago today my 3 cousins were in a terrible car wreck going to there moms house from school. The oldest Hudson was driving and he fell asleep and when he woke up he overcorrected and they flipped several times and went into oncoming traffic. Thankfully they werent hit by another car. Gabe was thrown from the car and he and Hudson were flown by life flight to Vanderbilt where they have been ever since. Gracie was taken by ambulance to the Murfressboro hospital first then transported to Vandy to be with her brothers she was relased the following day and has just had to wear a neck brace which she will hopefully get off tommorow and return back to school. She had lots of bruises and scraps and also has to live with the terrible memory of the wreck and seeing her brothers so bad. Gabe had a collapsed lung 3 broken ribs a laserated spleen and liver and small intestine. He also had a severly broken left leg and a broken neck which stayed aligned and doesnt need any surgery and he can move everything. He has a final surgery on his leg today to repair it with skin grafts and such and he will hopefully get released saturday if all goes well he will be home bound for awhile. He came off the vent on monday and is now talking and even walked a lap on friday and got to go outside in his wheelchair on saturday and enjoy the pretty weather. He coded twice on monday the night of thw wreck but he is alive and well and he is truly a medical miracle. The power of prayer is amazing and there is just no way you cant believe in god. Vanderbilt has been wonderful and we are so lucky to live so close to such a great hospital. Hudson had a broken neck which stayed aligned and he can move everything. He also has broken jaw so it is wired shut to heal and he has a halo to keep his neck aligned. He wasnt really responding until friday and he hugged his mom, dad his grandma, and when i went in her held my hand and waved bye to me. Saturday he was answered questions with 1 being yes and 2 being no and interacting with his aunt and uncle and parents and grandparents. Yesterday he even walked a few steps truly a miracle. The top picture is he and his brother seeing each other for the first time since the wreck so amazing! The a picture of gracie the day after the wreck we bedazzled her neck brace. All the prayers have been amazing and the random acts of kindness from complete strangers restores our faith that there are still good people in this world of bad. Never stop believing in god as he is always performing true miracles and to see his work through my cousins over the last few weeks has been an amazing experience. Hudson will hopefully get moved to rehab today to start his process of healing. The last picture is of the beautful sky one day last week when I was running just another sign of gods amazing work.

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