Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our first visit from the Tooth Fairy

Last night Ansleigh lost her first tooth. It was so dramatic I never thought that tooth was coming out it was literally hanging and she was freaking out and would not let me touch it after 4 meltdowns screaming her shaking she finally let me touch it and out it came. Silly girl her tears turned to pure joy she was so excited and couldnt wait to tell everyone. We called MiMi, Bebe,PopPop, txted grandma and all our friends and she called her dad. Then it was off to sleep for the tooth fairy to come. I found these letters off pinterest to give her and then the tooth fairy brought her a gold dollar she was so excited this morning and put it right in her piggy bank! Oh the joys of having a 5 year old little girl so much drama already!

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