Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Day

PopPop and Ansleigh with new house shoes

new tv for her room can we say spoiled

she loved her new bike


she loves her poppop

new ipad from MiMi

Ballet Barbie

Bouncy the dog

mommy and A on christmas morning

So we spent the night at my moms house on christmas Eve and Santa comes there that morning. Ansleigh was so excited she said she heard jingle bells on the roof and went right to sleep loved this age. She slept great and I didnt sleep at all no idea why so we woke her up about 630 to open presents and see what Santa brougbt. My mom got it all on video and when she came down she was so excited santa knew was Bouncy the dog was and that he got him for her it was so cute I searched high and low for that dog and then she got a new bike which she loved. She got a new barbie car, the tangled barbie and some new movies and books from santa. Then from mom her favorite gift was her kids ipad its so cool. Then she loved her lalaloopsy doll from my brother. After we got super spoiled there we loaded up and headed south to my dads house for more presents. Her favorites there were her stompees shoes and then her new tv for her room so spoiled. She got lots more barbies and a new keyboard too she was very spoiled this year. We ate a nice brunch and then headed home for her to go off to her dads and I unloaded all our goods and was off to my aunts for a nice low key night of beer cheese soup and some family time by the fire. We were so spoiled and it was seriously one of the best christmases this age was just the best for Ansleigh. Hope you all had a merry christmas as well!

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