Monday, July 30, 2012

4th of July

Me and my sweet Ansleigh on the roof watching the fireworks

cornhole tournament time

look how pretty

more corn hole fun

Ansleigh and her daddy

dont you love her american flag dress

Yah happy 4th!

firemens foam at the park

back of her pretty hair

what a great view we had!
I am finally trying to get all caught up so sorry these are so late! We had a great 4th Ansleigh was actually with her dad but I got to see her which was awesome. We went swimming at my friends house early and then had a cookout then we headed to the park for some fire truck foam party and then cornhole tournament. Then we went to the downtown fire hall of a friend and got on the roof to watch the nashville fire works it was awesome! I want to go back next year I hope they will let me lol!

Happy Birthday America!

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