Friday, June 1, 2012

Andrews Awards

Last friday my brother got 4 awards at her school end of the year ceremony! I am so proud esp of the most christian awards, thomas aquanis awards which only 2 people got in the whole k-8 school and then straight As all year! He is such a great all around kid and not just saying that because he is my brother I am so proud! Here are some pictures from that day and he is so great with Ansleigh and she loves him and for that I am so thankful!
getting one of his awards from sister

She loves her REWREW

Some of his buddies and him being silly

Jake and Andrew so sad Jake isnt going to SJS next year!

me and my bro and of course my child has to be in the picture lol

Mom and Andrew

Ansleigh loves her MiMi!!

We are all so proud of my brother and cant beleive he will be in 7th grade next year!!

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