Monday, May 14, 2012

Steeplechase 2012

Jenn and I in the meadows


dont you love it
Pretty girls

best photo ever!!

so chic!

on the shuttle heading to the hunt club!

the hunt club was so nice!


3 girls of the day!

Saturday was Steeplechase here in Nashville I have been several times and wasnt planning on going this year because I feel to old well my coworker got us hunt club tickets which means tent shuttle to the tent, free food and open bar umm how could u say no? We had a great day and I love these girls so happy they came along with us! Jennifer is the mom of Ansleighs best friend Claire and Angie is her sister and mom of Ansleighs boyfriend Brett lol so glad I have met these two and we have become such good friends they are awesome!

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