Monday, May 21, 2012

Candace's Bridal Luncheon

Saturday was a busy day for us we had my sisters bridal luncheon at Richland Country Club it was so nice and so much fun! Ansleigh did good for the most part and it was a great lunch and she showered us with nice gift baskets! We got some great pictures and this is wedding week Don and Candace get married Saturday we are excited and hope we dont melt its going to be 95 here wow hot! Check out some pretty pictures!
Table setting

beautiful flowers!

she drew us each pictures to look like us at the wedding so cute

Candace and Angie a bridesmaid

Me and Candace!

Leslie(bridesmaid, MB, (bridesmaid), CB, Bebe

CB and her flower girl Ansleigh

Becky and me

Mother and Daughter

Stacy(matron of honor) and Ansleigh

Junior Bridesmaids and Ansleigh


Awesome painting candace made me

Ansleigh had to be in all the pictures silly gitl

Me and Ansleigh

MB and CB

We had a great day and then headed to Jacksons 4th birthday Ansleigh said in the car mom this has been the best day ever lol sweet girl!


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