Monday, December 12, 2011

Leipers Fork Christmas Parade 2011

So this weekend was the amazing Leipers fork Christmas parade! There is nothing like it pigs, sewer trucks and santa what more could u ask for? lol Ansleigh had a great time and made a new friend Jackson who she cant stop talking about so funny! Our day started off pretty crummy so it was nice to go to the parade and have a good time! Check out some pictures!

Ansleigh and Jackson

Mommy and Ansleigh

PoPPop and A!

Bebe and PopPop

Me and Dad

Bebe and Ansleigh love this pic!!

Jackson and Ansleigh so cute

They said Merry christmas to everyone who passed and got mad when they didnt say it back so cute!!

It was a great Leipers fork christmas parade!!! hope you had a great weekend!
Cant Believe 13 more days till christmas...

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