Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Ansleigh Elizabeth!!

Today my baby girl is 3 years old! I cant beleive its been 3 years! She has been such a joy to me and my family and I cant imagaine life without her! She is so sassy and funny and so smart too! Of course she is beautiful too! She is really into coloring and she loves to play outside and has really gotten into babies, dress up and princesses! I am so happy she likes Disney now those movies are so much better than dora and barney lol! I just love her to pieces! Tonight we are going out to Pizza and sweet Ceces with Bebe and PopPoP! She is so excited! This morning I let her have a cupcake for breakfast and open a few of her presents from me! Here are some picutres she looked pretty cute and I love the way she holds her fingers to tell you she is 3 too cute!! Happy Birthday Baby girl mommy loves you more than you will ever know!!
looking at her sucker and baby bed and new movie!

doing her fingers!!

love this picture!!

so excited about her cupcake!

our sign in the kitchen!!

Happy Birthday Ansleigh!!!

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