Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Seasme Street Live

Saturday we went to seasme street live and Ansleigh was so excited! It was her, myself and my dad. We had a great seasts. Let me just say they get ya man on prices tickets-30, parking-12, popcorn and drink we shared-9.50, elmo balloon they brought out at intermission we just had to have-10 i mean really for an hour and 15mins wow! But she had fun so I guess thats all that matters check out the pictures I forgot to get some of all of us so these are in the action! Then that night after nap we went to my brothers game so there are a few pictures of Ansleighs new friend Maddee at the ballpark she had a blast!

she was most excited for this popcorn lol

this was cool but doesnt show up well on camera

hitting popop with the elmo balloon

i know her face looks weird but its cute

a with her 10 dollar elmo balloon

Rew Rew

so sweet she loves him

Happy Tuesday!

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