Monday, June 13, 2011


Last thursday was our 13th annual hot dog day its basically a bug customer appreciation deal we do for the music industry community to kick of CMA week check  out some pictures! We serve over 1000 hotdogs have chips and ice cream, beer and live music great time and was so hot but so fun this year!

Me and Penelope

my branch peeps its dark sorry

Kelly came and then Ansleigh!

Bebe and PopPoP CAME

She cant stop for a second to take a pic lol

she loved the hot dog lol

Bryan just made her life right here with the balloon

she loved it

My LUNCH crew

Tin Roof after party

Jason Aldean oh yea got to go in the cma suite

and kelly clarkson came out

he is so hot!

It was pretty much a perfect Thursday!

Happy monday everyone!

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