Monday, April 11, 2011

I have been the worst blogger...

I have been the worst blogger I was so good at taking pictures for awhile and now I have been out fo the habit of bringing my camera everywhere and I am sad because I dont have those memories captured! Ansleigh had her first friend birthday party umm no pictures, my dad had a birthday umm no pictures, my family was in town this past weekened for my cousins going way to navy party and umm no pictures, we had a cookout yesterday umm no pictures and then my best friends hung out with my and ansleigh yesterday and umm no pictures! This makes me sooo sad like I have lost sleep over it so my goal over the next week is to take at least 5 pictures a day I mean I am rolling out Ansleigh's new spring and summer wardrobe so its the least I can do! This weekend I am going to sounds game and then to sugarland concert so I need to capture these moments! I promise I will do better! Hope that everyone has a great week!

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