Monday, April 25, 2011


Well our Easter did not go as planned yesterday but it did turn out great! Ansleigh had stayed with her dad saturday night so she could see some family that was in town and we were meeting at my moms at 930 for easter bunny stuff and then heading to church. Well Ansleigh got there and the second her dad handed her to me she threw up all over me and her 3 times it was so sad but she didnt feel bad. She went right in to find her eggs the easter bunny had hidden open her presents and then we headed home to shower, take a bath, and wash our clothes of course. Then she took a 2 hr nap and we headed to my aunt Babs house for a fun easter celebration. I think it was just a fluke she got sick because she acted fine all day no fever or anything and ate good! Check out the cute pictures I got its hard to capture a 2 and a half year old thats for sure! Dont mind the wet spot in the first pictures. I am also super sunburned from my brothers games on saturday! She had a blast and we were both worn out last night! Hope everyone had a happy easter!
Aunt Kelly and the easter bunny hooked her up!

Finding her eggs

poor thing look at the incident

counting her eggs in english and spanish she is soo smart

rewrew and ansleigh

isnt he so handsome?

sweet baby!

check out that sunburn!

aunt stacy helping her down the stairs to hunt!

Will got him one!

Will, sam and A hunting away!

Bebe and PopPop

Alan and Dale

the soon to be newlyweds!

some of the spectators!

Bebe showing her where an egg was

look at all of her loot

serious convo with popop

look at the gap in those teeth just like her mama!


Aunt cece and A!

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