Monday, February 7, 2011

Sorry I am still here...

Sorry I promise I havent disappeared! its been madness around here at work and also outside of work. I have new pictures I will upload tomm to update you on our life lately! Ansleigh's new bed from pottery barn kids came in saturday and I love it! I got her adorable bedding from TJMAXX! I need to get a few more knick knacks and it will be complete! She loves her new room too! She took and over two hr nap in there yesterday and slept all night last night so excited! Hope this keeps up! I hope it doesnt snow here this week they are calling for it and I have too much going on for that nonesense! Snow days when you work are no fun! Yesterday we got Ansleighs room together and then went to my grandmas for the first half of the super bowl! Ansleigh had a blast she loves being around family and getting all the attention! We have learned a new thing she loves yellow peppers so weird I know but a good thing since she has not been a great eater lately! She ate tons last night and grapes and ice cream cake of course lol! Well have a great weekend everyone and I promise tommorow to post pics of her new room and some things we have going on! Have a great monday!

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