Monday, July 20, 2015

Catch up

Goodness this month has been crazy! Ansleigh went to American girl camp and had a blast it was such a cute camp and then last week she went to church camp and loved it to! She has had the best summer! This week is art camp which is her happy place cant wait to hear how it went tonight! I also went to Luke Bryan concert and had the best time! We got VIP tickets and it was def a life moment I will never forget! I have also never been so hot in all my life but so worth it! Ansleigh and I went to see the new minions movie and it was so cute! We spent the whole weekend together this weekend and swam and saw our fav neighbors it was a great weekend! I think that's about all. This week is Ansleigh's last camp of the summer then next week she is hanging out with my parents then the week after she is with her dad then school starts?! excuse me what? I will have a first grader? NO WAY!!!
Ready for last day of American Girl camp and the tea party 

Cheesecake factory with some of my favs 

Brunch yesterday with my girl! 

Future JP2 Cheerleader? umm  no GO IRISH!! 

Pool day with Karly

Church camp! 
We love these girls and their imaginations! 

Love my sweet Haley 

Got my girl back and we were at the pool w our fav neighbors for pool and pizza! 

twinning with my girl on saturday! 

Ready to jump into another week?


  1. we sure are!! cant believe its almost over?! part of me is ready for routine again but another part isnt ready for homework and early bedtimes!