Monday, October 6, 2014

Catch up on life lately...

 Cross country
Aunt Jenn came to watch her run! 

Sidewalk chalk day ansleigh was so proud of my rainbow

HH Carnival with William

Rew Rew made her boo boo all better! 

Walker and Ansleigh

Bebe and PopPop came to cheer! 

Jennison and A! 

Grandma came to cheer her on! 

Besties since they were babies! 

Justy and me at there end of the summer party! 

Franklin for the cure

she was so proud of her ribbon! 

Jess,Jill and aunt Shelley came to a race too! 

Mimi came to her race! 

Good report from the dentist


Rewrew's game

Good 6 year check up! no shots yah! 

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