Monday, June 17, 2013

Ansleigh's new room and bathroom

We have lived in our new house for going on 2 years. I have never painted anything because most of the house was freshly painted before we moved in. Well finally I was ready to paint Ansleighs room and bathroom and they hadnt been done before. I had been eyeing this quilt from pottery barn kids for awhile and finally bit the bullet and got it. It will last awhile because its not too little girl. I just love it two of my favorite colors. My friends dad painted her room and bathrom last week and I just love how it turned out! Still need a few touches on the walls with some pictures and things but I am not rushing that want to make sure its perfect! I love how its coming along! For her bathroom I got some ideas off pinterest for printables and just made my own I think they are super cute and a nice touch to her bathroom! She loves it and keeps thanking me over and over!
curtains from target

wall hanging thing from hobby lobby

welcome home Ansleigh

new knobs from hobby lobby

a collection of things i like how it turned out!

bedding from pottery barn kids

Lamp from target and picture frames we have had I think maybe one from Kirklands!
love that quote from the help-shower curtain from amazon!

thank you pinterest!!! frames from hobby lobby!

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