Friday, February 17, 2012

Being A Single Mom

Today over on Kelly's Korner single moms are linking up I am proud to say I am a single mom of a beautiful 3 year old named Ansleigh. Though we have our rough times I couldnt imagine my life any other way!

Name:Ansleigh Elizabeth Hahn
Age:3 and a half
Birthday: October 13th 2008
Family: I seriously could not do what I do every day without the support of my family from day one they have been there for me and supported me every step of the way. Whether its been helping me pick up ansleigh from school, watching her while I had something to do or just been there to listen they are amazing! She loves her Mimi( my mom), PopPoP( my dad) and BeBe( my step mom). She also loves my brother who she calls Rew Rew he is only 12 so he says he is her older brother and not uncle yet lol! Most all my family lives here so they are all a huge help and she is def my grandmas favorite!!



Friends:My friends are so awesome to they are always there to listen when I am having a rough day or good about keeping my free time away from ansleigh filled with fun girls nights I couldnt make it without them and I seriously have the best friends a girl could ask for!
Work: I work for Suntrust bank on music row and my boss is amazing he is always so understanding when I have to do something for ansleigh and never makes me miss anything which is amazing!
Church: I was raised catholic and went to catholic schools for 12 years however I never was good about going once it was my decision to go every sunday until this year. We have been going to Christ the King and I love it never gotten so much out of church and my dad and step mom and grandma have been going with us which means so much! I think its great for ansleigh to always have god in her life and to grow up in the church she has been baptized and I plan to send her to Christ the king for prek on!
Her dad: Ansleigh's dad and I didnt date long when I got preganant and we had a really rough time at first because we had no friendship to fall back on but after 3 years I can say we are really good friends and great co parents together it has taken a long of work but I am so glad we get along for her and really she will never know any different! Its nice for us to be able to do things together for her and to talk about what is going on so thankful for this and this year has been a huge weight off my shoulders since we can get along holding on to anger is just not healthy!
Moms of her friends: I have become really close to Ansleighs best friend at school Claires mom. This has been amazing because she just became a single mom and it helps so much to have someone going through the same things as you to talk and hang out with this has been a huge blessing this year and I am so thankful for Jennifer!

Being a single mom is not always easy but I am so thankful for my support team and I think we are doing a pretty awesome job raising my sweet daughter she is spoiled and def so loved by many!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you have a great weekend!


  1. Looks like your doing a wonderful job! keep up the good work!

  2. Came over from Kelly's just to offer a quick word of encouragement... keep rockin' it as a Mama! Your daughter is beautiful and will learn so much from your commitment to raising her right!

  3. I have an Ansleigh Elisabeth, too! And... our last name starts with "H" as well! Mine will be 9 this summer, though, so there's a little bit of an age difference! So excited to see someone with the same name as my baby girl!

  4. You are doing a wonderful job - Family is so important I also would not be able to make it as a single mom without my family. Have a great weekend.

  5. thanks everyone for the sweet messages! so awesome you have a daughter with the same name how cool!